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1000 fragrances - the BOOK

The 1st december 2003 I published the first romanian fragrance book. It is an encyclopedia in 2 volumes and more than 900 pages representing more than 10 years of work and research I dedicated to the perfume market. The book is an invitation to reconsider the odors and fragrances that marked our history.
The first volume - The Universe (376 pages 17x24 cm)
Chapter I. The history of perfumes
I.1. The functions of the fragrance
I.2. Fragrance history: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, The fragrance of theHoly Bible, Carthage, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, The Arab world, TheMiddle Age, The Renaissance, The 17th cent., The 18th cent., The Orientalfragrance
I.3. The history of perfumes in the 20th cent.
I.4. The trends
I.5. The masculine fragrance
I.6. Feminine versus masculine - the ambivalent perfume
I.7. The Oscar of fragrances - FIFI Awards
I.8. The Worldwide traditions: Grasse, The french tradition, the englishtradition, the american tradition, the italian tradition.
Chapter II. The Art of perfume
II.1. Olfaction: biology & psichology, theories of smell
II.2. The raw materials: naturals & aroma chemicals: a dictionary of bothnatural & chemical ingredients
II.3. The creation
II.4. The themes in the fragrance creation
II.5. Famous perfumers
II.6. Classifications of odors
II.7. Classifications of perfumes
II.8. Concentrations & various perfumed products
II.9. Marketing & Advertising
II.10. Analyzing a perfume
II.11. Perfume terminology
Chapter III. The perfume world
III.1. The language of perfume
III.2. The name
III.3. The bottle
III.4. The industry
Chapter IV. The perfume and the man
IV.1. Why do we use perfume?
IV.2. The choice
IV.3. Perfume & personality
IV.4. Perfumed wardrobe
IV.5. How to choose is
IV.6. Interior fragrances
IV.7. Aromatherapy
Chapter V. Appendix
VI. Bibliography
The second volume - Fragrances (600 pages 17x24 cm)
It consists of more than 1000 fragrances described with fragrance profile, perfumer, bottle, designer, marketing brief, history, etc. Here you will find the almost every perfume released until 2003 with a brief profile: famous brands, designer brands, mass market brands, historical - collector brands, niche brands.
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