Wednesday, February 15

FIRMENICH for the love of perfumes

Yesterday, when I was in Versailles to donate a perfume to the OSMOTHEQUE, I made an accident in the morning. Usually I do not wear perfume when I analyze old perfumes, but yesterday, unconsciously I sprayed myself with a huge dose of something very airy, extremely diffusive and with a secret name because it has not been officially unveiled. I can only say it is a perfume from Firmenich, a jewel and I love it since several months when it landed in my life because it smells like an asian stone-water garden with a monastical elegance. But at Versailles, as I was reading P&F I rarely read because I do not like their graphic design (the molecules are huge, the layout is not correct, the style is missing comparing to the very old American Perfumer) I found several new photos of a campaign made recently by Firmenich. I cut the text which speaks about their jewels, the new molecules, the special quality of natural ingredients and the sustainable projects, to retain only the images. Indeed, there is some magic inside Muscenone, it is one of the most refined musks.
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