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L'Homme Infini (Divine) - new fragrance review

After the Big Bang comes the Divine particle - L'Homme Infini - a fabulous scent.

In the early 90's an eminent professor from the University prepared me on quantum mechanics for the National Physics contest which I won. Among the many formulae and their mathematical background was a certain philosophy and conversations which I thought more useful for what I always loved - perfumes and organic chemistry. On a metaphoric level, the perfume, a form of LUX in its Latin expression, shows a similar strange duality to the famous particle-wave duality. A physical / chemical dimension of small elements which act around you with a "magnetism" and an invisible power like a "field". No surprise that "magnet", "aimant" and many other similar words related to its forces were used to speak about creations from the past from Coty to Gabriela Sabatini. It is a form of poetry to "explain" the profound effects of the scent which enters your nose - "what you inhale has direct access to your brain".
L'Homme Infini, recently launched by Divine, is one of those perfumes profoundly anchored in a tradition which transcends time or space and links the invisible traces left by its author, Yann Vasnier, in his previous works. Like the previous one, this was an instant coup de foudre.
The essence of Bang, with its strong peppery woodiness, emerges in the dark Druid forest which surrounds the Western coast of France up to the place where Divine was born many years ago. It is a profound homage to the oak, the bitter astringent facet of its bark rich in tanins which are perceptible in several vines. Take the oak of roman emperors, the sacred gui/mistletoe (Viscum) and the houx/holly ilex and you have the expression of divine transposed in a scent from the forest. Many notes are evoked by this wonderful scent - thuya, sage, artemisia, the bitterness of wallnut leaf and nut (nux gallica) and cypres. It is also the natural odor of Christmas because these plants are often associated with this period of the year.
Serene and slightly spicy with metallic elemi and pepper, L'Homme Infini brings something which hasn't been around for many decades - sharp bitterness - and I am thinking about a perfume I love very much with a Tibetan theme (I do not name it because it became too expensive even for me on e-bay since I started to praise very good old perfumes).
At the heart of L’homme Infini (Divine) lies the oak theme, warm and serene, but the new element, compared to Bang and the woody vetiver facet of Terre, is the green element - almost pungent over the soft musky sensual base with new Givaudan musks. 
Like in the previous successful creation, the theme is highly stylized because very modern elements are used to evoke and not to depict known themes in perfumery. There is oud, but not the arabic one (mixed with balms) - it is the wood rich in tanins much like a perfume created for Tom Ford.
Green nutty and abstract smoky with a vetiver which floats between rhubarb and the bitter aldehydic skin of a frozen pomelo, L'Homme Infini offers a sensation of nobility, distinction wrapped in the sensuality of a pure white cotton shirt. Monastic by its "herbal" mixture, but terrible sensual through its woody muskiness, the creation has a profound effect on the wearer without disclosing its "secret" tonality in a similar way to the original Black Cashmere (DK) on the other side of the spectrum.
Those who loved the first Gucci pour Homme with its incense-woody theme, not monastic but sensual, will discover with L'Homme Infini the infinity of nature - the green sacred forests with oak. A concentrate of perfection with a tremendous sillage. It is one of the best masculine launches of the year with none of the classic Parisian tricks - lascive fruity sweetness. 
With L'Homme Infini, Yann Vasnier introduces with grace a new theme in perfumery - the oak - a note well know in oenology, but not as often used in perfumes, with one notable exception sold in a green bottle. A very old creation from Givaudan was based on "green oak", but it is probably totally lost today. 

Oak wreath was a well known symbol in Antiquity

With L'Homme Infini, based on many new ingredients, the art of perfumes re-discovers a very old theme - the wood, the true bark of a tree famous like the tree of life. Like the classic oak crown, the perfume surrounds you with an infinite aura of beauty. When you wear this perfume, you are in the middle of an old druid forest en Bretagne.
Stones, oaks, coup de foudre - this is l'Homme Infini signed by Yann Vasnier for DIVINE.

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