1000 Fragrances rarely receives samples to review and more than 90% of reviews are based on my personal collection of perfumes, new or vintage. Receiving samples does not inspire any sense of obligation from me. My reviews are based on my personal perception of a fragrance, my extensive knowledge and my professional experience as a trained perfumer. Sometimes I can show a very critical attitude in my writings but I do not consider myself a fragrance critic. 
Because I am not the favorite or friend of any brand and sometimes even "blacklisted", I get samples from shops or I buy them in the big market for collectors in Paris. For this reason you see a small list of ads on the right. Those money help to maintain this page free. As I come from a former communist country I know what it means not to have any book / information / perfumes or the money to pay them. The first reason I started this blog was to share the knowledge I was gifted and a small part of my huge vintage collection, now in Romania (I live in Paris). Perfumers do not speak very often, neither they share. I do because that's the only way to make a better world. Writing reviews and giving you the best I can is both work, pleasure and duty for me. 
From time to time I receive samples from my valued readers containing old and hard to find vintage perfumes that I will analyze for them, explain or "decompose" into notes. They are my heroes and that was the best Internet brought to us since 2005. I thank God for the beautiful people I met!
You can help me to chart the unexplored lands of the fragrance universe of the XXth century because what is missing in all the books is the fragrance description for the perfumes that were not the great classics (I think of  many creations from Piver, Houbigant, Roger & Gallet, Bourjois, etc). I would also like to explore more the former Soviet perfumes - there is a huge universe of creations that might get lost because people consider them cheap when not all of them were. 
I do not have any type of commercial activities with the brands I present or analyze.
Thank you for your valued readership,
Octavian Sever Coifan
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